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Version 0.6.0 was released on April 2, 2004. All software and documentation on these pages copyright (c) 2001-2004 Aaron Trickey

About wmget

wmget is a dock app for the Window Maker window manager which makes it more convenient to perform long downloads in the background. It uses the excellent libcurl library, part of the cURL automated-download program, to perform file retrieval.

This is useful if, like me, you tend to have dozens of windows open at a time and tend to do a lot of routine downloading. Just copy the link from your browser, middle-click on the wmget dockapp, and the download will start. No download windows or terminals required, and you can monitor the progress and stop the transfer if desired without opening or raising any windows or even changing desktops.

[Screenshot] [Screenshot] [Screenshot]

These screenshots show the dockapp in its idle and downloading states. Notice that there are two download displays, which you toggle between by clicking on the bar: a progress bar and a percentage display. Pressing the button on the percentage display aborts the download.


I currently only personally support two methods of installation: compiling from source (44K) and installing a binary Slackware package (56K) .

Installation from source is simple: ensure you have cURL installed, unpack the wmget source, type ``make'', and then su to root and type ``make install''. There is no configuration step at present... let me know if you have a configuration that it fails on.

The Slackware package is a standard .tgz file; as root on your Slack system, just run ``installpkg wmget-0.6.0.tgz''. Note that you must have curl installed; it is not included.


To the authors of cURL, to the authors of Window Maker, and to the authors of the other dockapps I read to figure out why they work; to the variety of users who've bothered to report bugs (there've been a few!) and who've taken the time to graciously suggest improvements; and to those who have picked it up and packaged it for other environments despite my own Slackish preferences.

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